Director's Message

Director Vivek Srivastava with Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia Ji

Although It has been 22 years, though it seems like yesterday that I embarked on a journey by founding jneath computer, consisting with many dreams. Gradually after crossing more than a decade, and still more miles left to go to accomplish the goal of success. Each day we are trying to ameliorate and continue to improvise ourselves to realize the dream in the field of IT / education for our students

Jneath computers aim is to provide the true and purified manner of educational system in the field of IT, helping the students to build the profession in their respective fields. It also aims to enable the students to identify inner self with gradual progression fortified by moral consciousness, self awaking and passionate mind for learning.

Through this open distance mode and keeping in touch with the student’s communication directly, the centre would provide all means of support in all round development targeting the vision to realize the student’s dreams.

The mission of the institute is not to generate the brand name to retain in the body and mind of the human but a perfect temple of purified-ideal learning.

The institute is pointing to springs out a study flows with natural means followed with the path of enlightens, to foster the needs of the students and also to inspire minds for our future generations in India.